Peter Rabbit

peter rabbit

“Let’s hop to it!”

“And all Rabbits need a little help from their friends!”

“What we need is a tip top idea”


Brave, mischievous, impulsive, tenacious, quick-witted

peter rabbit detail

radish bulletName:  

Peter Rabbit

radish bulletFavourite food:

Anything he can get on a raid of Mr. McGregor’s garden... Roots, fruits, greens and beans - and especially radishes!  

radish bulletEnemies:

Mr. McGregor and that fearsome fox Mr. Tod who would love to have Peter and his friends for dinner!  He also always needs to stay one step ahead of Tommy Brock and grumpy Old Brown!

radish bulletFavourite hiding place:

Peter loves spending time up in the secret treehouse with Benjamin and Lily, but also underground in his dad’s secret escape tunnels, which are marked by his dad’s pawprint. 

radish bulletSkill: 

Peter is very brave and always ready for an adventure! Even though his impulsiveness has been known to get him and his friends into trouble, his quick wits are great for helping them make a speedy escape! He is fast, and sure-pawed, and never gives up. If he’s ever in an especially tricky spot, his Dad left him some tricks in an old journal that Peter always keeps in his satchel.