Lily Bobtail

lily bobtail

“Just in case pocket, just in case”

“You need a big hug”

“I know THAT for a fact!”


Brave, resourceful, inquisitive, caring, clever

lily bobtail detail

radish bulletName:

Lily Bobtail

radish bulletFavourite food:

Radishes, of course!  She first tasted them when Peter and Benjamin shared some they took from Mr. McGregor’s garden. Delicious!

radish bulletEnemies:

Lily has far more friends than enemies.  In addition to Peter and Benjamin, she also has a ladybird friend called Florence. But even she needs to keep an eye out for that nasty fox, Mr. Tod!

radish bulletFavourite hiding place:

Up in the secret treehouse where she makes plans with Peter and Benjamin and keeps her nature table full of things to learn about.

radish bulletSkill:

Lily is very clever and great at finding answers for tricky problems.  Her ‘just-in-case’ pocket is full of useful things, which come in handy on their adventures.  She is also an expert at knots.